About Us

  • “Creativity takes courage.”
    ~ Henri Matisse

Cristina Cassidy Productions blends the talents of established professionals in the fields of video, television and film, with those of young filmmakers who are at the beginning of their professional journey.

Our specialty is crafting video that is engaging, creative and affordable. We find your unique story and create an experience to move your audience to action.

We are passionate about creating the right story for each of our clients, and we do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Cristina Cassidy / President

The Team

A well-crafted, effective video gets a message across through emotion and strong visual imagery. It doesn’t matter if it runs one minute or one hour. A story is always being told to get someone’s attention.

Cristina Cassidy, a seasoned video professional, knows from experience that most people are looking for affordable video that is engaging and well-crafted. She also knows how important deadlines are and makes sure that her clients’ projects come in on time.

Cassidy puts together the perfect combination of talented video professionals for your unique project. This team works closely and tirelessly with you and other members of your organization to craft the kind of video that will best get your message across.


Cristina Cassidy is a multi-talented video professional whose skills include directing, producing, camera operation, editing and narration.  She spent 13 years working as a scriptwriter and video producer at Teleproductions International, Ltd., a video production company in the Washington, DC, area that specialized in video for overseas broadcast. During that time, she traveled to nine countries, directing foreign camera crews and conducting interviews. When Cassidy left TPI in 2007 to move to Charlotte, NC, she was the company’s head writer and a senior video producer.

In 2008, she opened Cristina Cassidy Productions in Charlotte. Since starting the company, Cassidy has produced, directed, edited and shot video for a wide range of local and national clients. In 2011, she traveled to Ghana, West Africa, to produce a documentary-style fundraising piece for The Yonkofa Project, a non-profit organization in Atlanta, Georgia.

Cassidy’s bi-lingual abilities make it possible for her to offer services to Spanish-speaking clients, and helps cut costs for clients needing Spanish/English closed-captioned services for their videos. She also directs Spanish-speaking voice-over sessions for projects that need dubbing in Spanish.